Young punks disturb firemen on an important mission, their revenge is making millions cheer

We should respect those who put their lives on the line for us. Where would we be without firemen, paramedics, policemen and emergency responders?

Many children dream of becoming firemen, especially boys – but for most kids, that ambition stays a dream, and they grow older and move into other fields. Risking your life for others is nothing to take lightly!

That’s why I get really annoyed when people intentionally get in the way of emergency services. Like not giving way to ambulances, or disturbing firemen or police officers when they are dealing with a critical situation.

Those who act without respect are not only making it harder for the professional who are working the scene – they’re also endangering the safety (or sometimes even lives) of those who have been in accidents or similar events.

Cheered on by millions

When I see people who intentionally get in the way of emergency services, there’s nothing I want more than to punch them right in the kisser.

But there are other, better methods for getting back at them!

The man in this picture is unrelated to the story. Source: Pixabay

In this clip, two firemen are out on an important mission. They’re standing in a boat under a bridge and are just about to start working – but then a group of young men start throwing snowballs at them.

It might seem like an innocent joke, but you can tell that it’s bothering the fireman who gets hit repeatedly.


But suddenly, one of the firemen thinks of a brilliant way of getting his revenge, as well as making the guys stop throwing things at them. He solves the situation in an ingenious and hilarious way, and now millions have watched his brilliant payback! This clip has more than 2.5 million views!

Talk about getting a proper shower – and a taste of their own medicine! Wonderful!

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