You’ve been folding fitted sheets wrong your entire life, but this grandma has an infallible way of doing it perfectly

Many of us know how frustrating it can be to fold our sheets after they come out of the laundry, especially fitted sheets. Their strange shape is tricky to handle – it’s definitely a challenge to get them flat, straight, and square before putting them inside a wardrobe for later use.

Washing sheets is not a demanding task, but when you pull them out of the drier, you stand there with a giant, crumpled ball of fabric that you end up just stuffing in any available space.

Everyone I’ve talked to about this goes through the same problem – however, there might finally be a solution!

Grandma Terri Metz can relate to the hassle of folding sheets. And therefore, she decided to record a video tutorial showcasing her clever folding method. Almost a million viewers have, since the hilarious clip came out, been charmed by this lady’s charisma.

The video seems pretty standard at first. Terri stands in front of the camera and talks about how much she hates folding sheets. A feeling I think most of us can relate to.

folding sheets

After that, however, this cheerful woman starts displaying her infallible method. She lays the fitted sheet on the floor and puts one foot on each corner. 

A fun way to fold sheets

When it is time for the next step, Terri sits down and puts her arms in the remaining corners of the fitted sheet and then lies on her back with all limbs extended, forming a human X, so the sheet’s shape is square.

video below

Hilarity ensues!

However, I will not reveal too much of the rest of this masterful technique. You should see for yourself in the video below. However, the person behind the camera couldn’t hold back their laughter – and I’ll admit neither could I.

sheets technique

When the video came out, it immediately went viral – and people all over the world have enjoyed the amusing folding method that is perhaps more fun than it is practical.

However, I think the tutorial is absolutely genius – you can see the perfect combination of laziness and cleverness required for such an idea!

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Who knows – your lazy friends might benefit from this amazing trick!