Christian got an unexpected surprise after buying a sausage

Sausage is an absolute American classic that is known worldwide for its deliciousness, flexibility, and variety.

It is a must-buy during any supermarket trip. You toss a pack on the cart, knowing that one sunny day you’ll fire up the grill and proceed to enjoy a tasty sausage alongside a cold beer. However, when the man of today’s story did just that, he found something quite surprising, to say the least.

Christian, a man from Sweden, was hilariously shocked when he came home from the store and unpacked the sausages he had bought at the supermarket.

The sausage was not what he expected

One of the sausages stuck out from the rest – it looked very much like something not safe for work.

penis sausage
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Despite the sausage’s somewhat peculiar appearance, our Swedish man decided to cook it anyway.

“I got a little weird. It wasn’t really what I had expected. But I fried it yesterday and ate it with potatoes, salad, and mustard. It was pretty good,” Christian told local news site GöteborgDirekt.

“Should not have entered the market”

Lithells, the company that made the sausage, admits that this sausage should have never seen the light of day.

“What seems to have happened is that the sausage cracked during packaging and its contents were squeezed out. When this happens, the sausage must be discarded and should not enter the market. The consumer is welcome to contact our consumer service to receive compensation to get a new product,” said Sara Andersson, a spokesperson for Lithells, to GöteborgDirekt.

Image source: Private

Christian, however, took the whole thing with humor.

“I’m not angry or dissatisfied at all. Anything can happen when it comes to food,” said Christian to the site.

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