New dream job: Earn over $49,000 a year – by testing sex toys

Working is something most of us do without thinking too much about it. It’s just one of our responsibilities. You get up early in the morning, go to work, spend eight hours there and then you go back home.

Sometimes the job is fun, sometimes it’s not. C’est la vie. But the monotony of doing the same job every day, week after week, can eventually tire you out, and your mind might start looking for other career opportunities.

Well, you are in luck! There is a new job that won’t leave you bored for a second – and the salary is great, to boast. We are talking about a job as a professional tester of sex toys, reports The Sun.

The company OnBuy is now advertising an opportunity that their competitors never even thought about. The site sells lots of items, including sex toys.

In recent months, they noticed an increasing demand for their sex toys – and are now looking to hire someone who can answer their customers’ questions.

Must try all the sex toys

What does the service entitle?

The daily tasks of the new employee will consist of answering questions from customers who wonder how the adult toys work, which toys go well together and how to get maximum pleasure from them.

adult toys
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Of course, to get as much knowledge as possible about the products, you must try them all.

“At, our aim is to provide everything our customers may need,” says Cas Paton, founder of OnBuy.

A $49,000 salary

In addition to trying all the sex toys you can imagine, money is great. Onbuy offers a yearly salary of 38,000 pounds, which translates to around $49,000. On top of all that, you can work from home. Truly a great opportunity.

sex toys job
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No training is required to apply for this job. However, it is considered a merit to have previous experience with adult toys and to be service-oriented.

Not bad for having fun at work, huh?

adult toys
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If you want to apply for the job, you can do it through their website.

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