Largest sex toy theft ever: Thieves steal dildos worth $60,000

Usually, when burglars and thieves make it to the news, is because their target is something valuable – for example art, technology, or even a high sum of cash.

But some burglars are more creative when they choose their targets. A while ago, a sex-toys company lost over $60,000 worth of luxury dildos to thieves.

It was after an erotic fair in the German capital Berlin that the company Fun Toys London was the target of a large scale dildos burglary. Security left the sex products collection unattended for a short while. And the still unknown number of perpetrators took the opportunity to strike.

FT London

They got into a storehouse, stole dildos, vibrators and anal plugs – and then slipped away. When security noticed the items were missing, they called the police. But when the staff went out to meet the police, another four boxes of sex toys were stolen, reports the site newnownext.

Asked to keep a lookout

The value of the lost adult toys amounts to $60,000. The question is whether the burglars want to make a profit out of the stolen items, or are just extremely horny. Of course, it’s quite uncommon to steal this kind of products.

FT London

The police now urge sex toy users to look out for Fun Toys products and to contact them if they come across one that was not acquired through a certified retailer.

The police have, as it seems, not yet made any progress in the investigation.

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