Here’s the new “poop-timer” that will stop you from spending too much time crapping

Everybody may not want to admit it – but is there anything better than taking a good poop?

It is usually quiet, relaxing, comfortable and you get that much needed alone time while the body gets rid of some “waste”.

It’s not uncommon to find yourself sitting on the toilet for more than 20 minutes. Time just flies when you are pooping – especially if you are having a good one.

However, there is a new gadget that can help slow bathroom visitors speed things up.


We all find ourselves in the awful and stressful situation of having to go to the bathroom – as fast as possible. The feeling once your pants slide down and you can finally lay your bare ass on the toilet – it’s a magical thing.

The new poop-timer

Of course, there is always a risk of staying in the bathroom for too long, distracted by the silence, privacy and sweet, sweet inner peace. Soon, 20, even 30 minutes pass by in a flash – and then, unfortunately, we must go back to the normal and stressful world.

Now, however, there’s a new gadget that will help you avoid sitting on the toilet for too long – and it’s probably very useful for people tired of their partners spending hours on the toilet.

Image: Amazon / Toilet Timer

It’s a timer that, like an hourglass, lets sand run down – and it gives you just 5 minutes to finish your business. When the time is up, you must get up – this gadget will improve your awareness of how much time you spend in the bathroom.

And with how easy it is to reset the timer for the next person. This gadget might help those who disappear into the bathroom for hours. 

Sold online

The timer is available in three different versions – the classic one, for Dad edition, and the Golden Presidential Edition. Of course, however, anyone can use it and it costs $15 – a good deal if you ask me.

It might be worth it if you find yourself waiting for your partner to finish using the toilet every morning.

Image: Amazon / Toilet Timer

The product is selling like hotcakes on Amazon.

“This is a great, quality product to help the easily distracted stay on task in the bathroom. I can’t say it has fixed our procrastinating poopers. But, I am hopeful it will help! Great gag gift with an actual useful purpose!” Wrote a satisfied customer.

Image: Amazon / Toilet Timer

A funny gadget that can get those long bathroom visits to speed up – that’s a win-win situation in my book!

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