Become a poop donor – and earn up to $40 per sample

Everyone goes to the bathroom – even if some people pretend they’re too good to admit it.

However, pooping is a completely natural thing. During our lifetime we spend over six months on the toilet going number two.

But what if told you that you could make money with your poop? How? You might ask. The answer: by selling your feces to Science of course!

At least according to the Washington Post.

Take a dump, shit, poop, go number two. It has many names – but what most people don’t know is that it’s possible to make quite a lot of money if you sell your feces, and even better, you get to help a good cause!

Bonus for regular donations

The company OpenBiome in Cambridge, Massachusetts, pays $40 per sample of poop and you get a $50 bonus if you donate five days a week. That’s a whole $250 per week or 13,000 smackeroos per year.

What’s the stool used for? It actually helps people get healthier.

A poop sample helps four patients

People suffering from Clostridium Difficile can get better by ingesting other people’s healthy stool samples. The disease causes severe diarrhea, which makes it difficult to leave home, not knowing when you’ll need to be close to a bathroom.

There is normal medicine for Clostridium Difficile, but that would mean patients would have to live with constant medication – however, a great alternative for them is to get healthy bacteria from other person’s feces into their system, which has immediate results, and is drugs free.

The patient ingests the healthy fecal matter via capsules, endoscopy or nasal tubes.

poop bathroom
Source: OpenBiome

“We get most of our donors to come in three or four times a week, which is pretty awesome! You’re usually helping three or four patients out with each sample, and we keep track of that and let you know,” Dr. Mark Smith, founder of OpenBiome, explained to the Washington Post.

Harder than getting into MIT

However, it is not easy to become a poop donor – for example, among all the requirements you must be extremely healthy and allergy-free.

“Of the 1,000 or so potential donors who’ve expressed interest on his Web site over the past two years, only about 4 percent have passed the extensive medical questioning and stool testing,” said Dr. Smith, “It’s harder to become a donor than it is to get into MIT!” he joked.

Currently, stool transplants are used solely to cure Clostridium Difficile disease, but research is underway to see if more diseases can be cured with the same method.

“There’s a lot of promise in other conditions and we are excited to see where the “crazy frontier” of microbiome engineering will take us. I never thought that after getting my Ph.D. I’d start mailing poop around,” he said, “But here I am,” concluded Dr. Mark Smith.

What a perfect side hustle – to get paid for something you’ll do anyway!

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