Pooping in the shower: More people than you think actually does it!

We all poop, it’s one of the most natural things in the world. It is a vital part of our everyday lives, even if it’s something you rarely talk to others about.

The normal process of going number two, as most people know it, involves sitting on the toilet, behind locked doors, then quietly doing your business, maybe while reading a magazine or on your phone. Right?

According to a study, it turns out that a significant amount of people’s first choice is not to poop on the toilet – but in the shower instead.

A study by QS Supplies, a company that specializes in bathroom products, has taken a closer look at people’s habits in the bathroom.

The bathroom is, as you know, a very special room in any home. It’s where you do most of the private things that you wouldn’t even talk about anywhere else. Which opens up to a lot of nasty possibilities.

Pooping in the shower

The study surveyed 1,010 British and American citizens about their shower routine. The results showed some information that would make anyone raise their eyebrows.

68% of men and 56% of women pee in the shower.

33% of people who commute pee in their job’s shower.

51% of men and 28% of women masturbate in the shower.

But the absolute worst discovery from the study: 3.3% of the participants has been pooping in the shower at least once.

Why? How? Who?… There are too many questions for this study to answer, but we can only hope that it’s not the same people who shower at work.

pooping picture
Image source: QS Supplies

Washing their genitals in the sink

At this point, I didn’t want to continue reading the study, but I had to, our readers must know (Spoiler: it didn’t get better). The study also discovered that showering it’s not a very popular choice either.

pooping natural
Image source: QS Supplies

It turns out that 18% of the participants in the survey said that they only shower one to three times a week.

The most common answer, with 34%, was to shower four to six times a week, the study showed.

Only one in 3 people showers once a day, or seven times a week.

Those who don’t shower daily, however, use other methods to clean themselves, usually with the help of wet wipes or the sink.

Image source: QS Supplies

17% of men and 14% of women wash their privates in the sink instead of just jumping in the shower. That can’t be natural.

At the same time, 15% of men and 27% of women use wipes to keep “down there” clean.

1,010 participants from the UK and the USA were surveyed last fall for this study. There was an equal number of men and women in the study and the ages of the participants ranged from 18 to 81.

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