Sabrina, 44, wants the world’s biggest butt and has had over 50 plastic surgeries

We all have different goals in life—small, big, simple, complex, and everything in between.

Sabrina Sabrok, 44, belongs to those who dream of standing out from the crowd. She makes a living as a porn star, among other things—and dreams of one day having the world’s biggest butt.

To achieve her vision, she will soon go through her plastic surgery №53, reports The Mirror.

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Sabrina is famous in Argentina, her native country, where she often makes appearances on TV shows. The 44-year-old has had her own show and has had a career as a porn star.

Obsessed with plastic surgery

The model’s voluptuous body has also made her a favorite for the legendary magazine Playboy, where she has made five appearances. On Instagram, she has over 1 million followers.

Plastic surgery is taboo for many—but not for Sabrina. She is completely open about her obsession with cosmetic procedures. The next one will actually be her 53rd.

The blonde is well aware of the procedures’ risks, but that doesn’t worry her. According to The Mirror, Sabrina is more afraid of, for example, being run over by a car than of something serious happening to her on the operating table.

Wants the world’s biggest ass

She talked about her next life’s goal:

“I want to have the biggest fake butt in the world, and I am about to start the procedure,” she told the news site.

To achieve this, Sabrina will have to remove her current 10-oz implants from her buttocks—and then go up many sizes. The new implants will weigh 1.5lb each, so she will be carrying over 3 pounds with her behind.

The 44-year-old’s last operation was a new breast augmentation. It was paid for by her fans, who raised over $9,000 so their “sex idol” would get an even bigger rack.

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