Cheeky thief steals Tom’s package on the porch – 40 seconds later, the idiot gets exactly what he deserves

Unfortunately, there are many people who can’t distinguish between you and yours.

In my opinion, the best thing would be if the police could take care of all criminals, but I can not stop laughing when I see how this man (below) took things in his own hands and served justice to a thief that kept stealing his things

The man behind the video, Tom Mabe, knew that it was criminal hanging around in the residential area that kept making life worse for both him and his neighbors.

The thief  was taking several packages that delivery companies left outside his door. So Tom decided to take the idiot down one time for all – and put together a brilliant plan.

Tom installed a surveillance camera at the house and then made a very special package.

Ticking sh*t bomb

However, he had filled the mysterious package with poop and in addition, he had found that the content was set to explode 40 seconds after it was picked up with the help of timer.


And wouldn’t you know, soon the thief jogged up to the porch, picked up the package and hurried back to his car – completely unaware that he was wearing a ticking bomb that would soon cover the entire car’s interior.

Check out Tom’s brilliant revenge in the clip below! The thief’s panic at the end is hysterical!

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