City officials got tired of people having sex in their public bathrooms

Our kinks, fetishes, and overall sex preferences vary greatly from person to person. Most of us, however, would probably agree that having sex in a public bathroom is not really the epitome of romance.

But as you know, passion and instincts kick in at the most random moments. Our desires are very difficult to control, especially when we are young.

The city of Porthcawl in Wales knows this very well, as they have been trying, without success, to stop their residents from doing unlawful activities inside their public bathrooms.

The acts have now made the municipality in the city take things to the next level – by installing new, state-of-the-art restrooms to make it even less appealing to have sex, sleep or use drugs inside, writes  Wales Online.

170,000 British pounds corresponds to approximately $250,000. And is also the amount that the municipality of Porthcawl is now spending on their new WCs.

The reason? People are having too much sex in their public toilets.

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Robo-bathrooms to stop public sex

In a final attempt to get rid of wrongful behavior, these new, super-modern, “Robo-bathrooms” come fully equipped.

Their weight-sensitive floors only allow one person at a time. And in the case of violent movement inside, water jets will spray visitors while a high-pitched alarm goes off and the bathroom doors open on their own.

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According to the city officials, these new facilities will make the neighborhood much safer, especially during the evenings, when most of the sexual activity takes place.

The toilets lock themselves for ten minutes every night while they clean themselves with the sensor-controlled water jets.

“The new facility will be good quality externally, complementing the architecture of the Griffin Park pavilion and equipped with a pay-to-use facility. We want Porthcawl to be a great city to work in, live in, and visit as a tourist,” said Mike Clarke, City Councilor of Porthcawl.

It remains to be seen whether or not these new bathrooms will manage to keep the horny couples at bay. But at least they’ll have self-cleaning bathrooms!

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