Popcorn is healthier than vegetables, according to new study

Do you usually get anxious after eating a whole bag of popcorn on your own? Do you wonder if you should eat your veggies instead of stuffing yourself full of this wonderful food?

Well, now you can stop worrying – because researchers have discovered that this popular movie snack is as healthy as some fruit and vegetables, reports CBS News.

However, it is important to avoid drowning the popping grains in salt and butter!

Many of us probably feel ashamed after gulping down a whole bag of popcorn at the movies.

However, there might be no need to feel bad anymore, as researchers have determined that this delicious snack is packed with nutrients and in many cases is as healthy as some fruits and vegetables.

Popcorn contains useful antioxidants

Researchers from the University of Scranton in Pennsylvania, have come across a pleasant revelation, to say the least, for all of us popcorn enthusiasts.

They have studied popcorn and concluded that it contains many substances useful to our health, reports ACS.


A serving of popcorn contributes to 70% of the recommended intake of whole grains in our diets.

These grains are also full of healthy antioxidants. Among other things, they contain polyphenol, which lowers the body’s cholesterol levels – and also helps prevent cancer.


When polyphenol is mixed with water, most of the antioxidant’s properties disappear – and since popcorn only contains 4 percent water, it is, therefore, one of the absolute best sources for this super compound, the research claims.

The kernel is the best part

Many fruits and vegetables also carry these useful antioxidants – but a lot of water as well. This means, unfortunately, that they don’t have as much effect, as the health-positive properties become to a greater extent “diluted”.

The most useful part of the popcorn is unfortunately the usually avoided hard kernels – you know the ones that love to get stuck between the teeth.

It is mainly in that hull that one finds the high concentration of fibers and antioxidants, writes CBS.


If you want to healthily enjoy popcorn, you should make sure not to use a lot of butter or salt. Ideally, you should eat them without anything on, right after popping them yourself in a saucepan.

Microwave popcorn doesn’t count, as it contains a lot of bad additives and preservatives.

But surely this was still great news? At least I think so!

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