Dirty joke: Little Johnny joins mom and dad to a nudist beach

Now that the darker months of the year are behind us, it’s hard to not think about summer and all the joy and energy that vacations bring.

But something that always cheers me up is a dirty joke. I may be childish, still laughing at these naughty stories at my age, but I regret nothing. I always feel better after having a laugh, and the next story gave me a really good one.

A family traveled during the summer to a nudist beach. Johny, their 5-year-old son, was building a sandcastle close to the water. In the middle of playing, he saw a naked man with a huge penis. 

He ran back to his dad and told him

“Daddy! I saw a man with a pee-pee waaaay bigger than yours!”

His dad, bothered by his inferiority, asked him:

“But you understand that the bigger they are, the dumber they are, right?”

“Boobies waaaay bigger than yours!”

Satisfied with the answer, Johny went back to his sandcastle. After a few minutes, a woman with giant breasts walks by.

The boy ran back to his mom and said:

“Mommy! I saw a woman with boobies waaaay bigger than yours!”

His mother, surprised and a little insulted by the comment, asked the exact same thing as the dad:

“But you understand that the bigger they are, the dumber they are, right?”

Johny, once again satisfied with the answer, realized his dad was gone. So the mom, taking the chance to have a minute for herself, asks him to go find him.

“Talking to the dumbest lady”

A while later, the boy comes back running

“Mommy! mommy! Daddy was talking to the dumbest lady I have ever seen, and the longer he talked, the dumber he got!”

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