Here’s the new, ‘trendy’ bikini for this summer – so revealing it shouldn’t even exist

Here’s the new, ‘trendy’ bikini for this summer – so revealing it shouldn’t even exist

Fashion changes constantly, it feels like there will be a new trend almost every week, trying to keep up with it is impossible.

However, something crystal clear, is that as time goes on, clothes seem to be getting smaller – for both women and men. Today’s fashion does not leave much to the imagination, if you know what I mean.

This applies to both ordinary fashion and swimwear, which is already quite revealing.

This summer’s new bikinis are, if that’s even possible, more revealing than ever – check out the new “underboob” bikinis, that The Mirror reported on.

Going to the beach and swimming means you have to show up with clothes that dry up faster, which usually means as little of them as possible. But while we got used to it, this year’s new garment will be turning heads all summer.

Underboob bikini

The new trendy swimwear “underboob bikini,” is exactly what it sounds like.

If you were worried about things getting out when jumping and splashing around in the water, now you can be twice as worried.

“Wanna cover up, but not really?”

The company behind the idea, Oh Polly, sells the garment and describes it as follows:

“Wanna cover up, but don’t really wanna cover up? Our cropped t-shirt bikini is gonna give major swim envy at any pool party.”

Image source: Oh Polly

Selling like hotcakes

Despite its daring design, this bikini design is selling like hotcakes.

The garment comes in many daring colors and you can get it from their website for $25.

What do you think – would go to the beach dressed like this?

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