Introducing this summer’s new shorts – so ugly they need to be banned worldwide

With the risk of sounding old-fashioned, I must say today’s fashion is too revealing, both for men and women. Gone are the days when one could fantasize a little about what was underneath the clothes.

If you go to downtown today, you will see body parts left and right bursting out of their garments. It wasn’t always like that in the dressing rooms, but this is fashion we are talking about, in order to renew itself it has to push the boundaries to come up with a new trend.

But the question is whether it has finally crossed a line – with these new summer shorts.

The clothes brand Ssense has now released what they call “this summer’s hottest shorts.” By “hot”, they mean to show a lot of skin, it seems. The shorts are, to say the least, revealing, and it is difficult to understand how to wear them without showing your most intimate places to everyone around you.

Panties – made of denim

The trendy shorts, which the company itself calls “Denim panties”, are just like the nickname suggests, more like a pair of panties in denim fabric than actual shorts.

What do you think?

trendy shorts
Image source: Ssense / Twitter

They look like a diaper when you see them from behind.

Image source: Ssense / Twitter

And when you see them from the front, it’s difficult to understand how to walk without something slipping out.

Costs like a weekend getaway

The shorts are made of 100 percent cotton and even though they consist of very, very little fabric, they go for no less than 235 British pounds, which will be just over $300 according to Ladbible.

Money that you could spend on a weekend getaway.

But why do that when you can get these trendy shorts instead?

trendy shorts
Image source: Ssense / Twitter

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