Thomas finds his doppelganger sitting next to him on a flight

There is an old myth that says everyone has a doppelganger somewhere in the world.

Is it nonsense, or the chilling truth? With billions of people on Earth, it’s honestly hard to tell. Still, every now and then, people bump into someone eerily similar to them—thinking they’re standing in front of a mirror due to the bizarre coincidence.

This is fun and fascinating, but with today’s modern technology, these occasions can also be immortalized and shared online. We should be thankful because, without cameras, no one would believe such crazy stories!

Plus, extraordinary encounters like this can lead to smiles and lifelong friendships! So with that in mind, we thought we would now present 10 of the most incredible occasions when doppelgangers ran into each other by chance.

Please enjoy!

1. You can hardly believe your eyes – they’re identical!

Image: Twitter

2. These girls are NOT twins – even if it’s hard to believe!

Image: Imgur

3. These two met each other by chance – so awesome!

Image: Reddit

4. When retired priest Neil Richardson moved to Essex, people started calling him John. When he met him, Neil finally understood why…

Image: Imgur

5. This one is almost spooky!

Image: Flickr

6. Even their own families got them mixed up—that says it all…

Image: Facebook

7. “10 years ago, when I went off to college for the first time, people I didn’t know kept coming up to me and calling me “Brian.” My name is Josh. Then a few weeks into the semester, I met Brian, and we took this picture together.”

Image: Imgur

8. These two look like they’re having fun!

Image: Reddit

9. “Erik’s (on the right) girlfriend started walking toward me (on the left) with flirty eyes. She thought I was her bf—although she admitted that it felt like I had shrunk”

Image: Instagram

10. Thomas was shocked when he met his doppelganger on an airplane. They sat next to each other and took a few selfies. As if by chance, they had also booked a room at the same hotel. So to celebrate the reunion, they went out and had a beer together!

Image: Twitter

I thought these pictures were pretty damn cool! Imagine meeting your doppelganger—what an experience! Now hit that share button below so your friends can see this too!