Men spill the beans: Here are 12 sexiest things a woman can do in bed

Most people enjoy sex—we can probably agree on that.

However, deciding what is stimulating, sexy, or a turn-on between the sheets is different for every person.

Of course, one should be careful about judging others. Taste is a personal thing, and we all are attracted to different things. However, even if most of us are a little private about our kinks, knowing what others prefer in bed can be interesting.

Some people want soft music, candles, and flowers. Others prefer to focus on movement, use blindfolds, rope, and even talk dirty. So your preferences during love-making are individual, and definitely not something you should be ashamed of.

Sexiest things a woman can do

We recently reported on women’s preferences for their partner’s size—and now it’s time for men to share their priorities.

The magazine Cosmopolitan asked its male readers what things turned them on during sex—and the answers were both varied and interesting.

Of course, the users remain anonymous, making their answers even more honest.

“Feel free to show confidence. Let go of control, but do not be afraid to take it back either. It’s pretty hot to swap roles around”.

“Relax. Enjoy yourself, and don’t get in your own head. Sex is fun.”

Give directions

“Don’t be afraid to give explicit instructions to get you off. We want to get you off. Help us help you.”

“I think you’ll have more fun if you can talk with your partner, and you’re both actively making sure you’re in an environment where you feel comfortable.”.

“Don’t fake an orgasm—it does not help anyone.”

Be in the moment

“Masturbate in front of your partner. My girlfriend did it and said I could see, but not touch—it was the sexiest thing ever”.

“Just worry about being in the moment.”

“You don’t have to do it so hard when you are “helping” your male partner. It is more about consistency”.

“Feel free to pull him closer by wrapping your legs around his back. That’s super hot”.

Don’t fake it during sex

“Just based on my personal experience, I don’t think women need to feel bad if they’re taking a while to orgasm. We don’t mind being down there between your legs”.

“Maintain eye contact when going down on someone. It is one of the sexiest things you can do”.

“Tell us how much you want us to go down on you.”

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