Finally: Here’s the penis size most women prefer – according to study

One of the oldest questions we are yet to agree on is: Does the size of the penis matter? This issue has been an ongoing debate since time immemorial. Both women and men can form their own individual opinions on the subject.

Some people think that penis size is essential for a good sex life, while others state that how you use it, in combination with your fingers and mouth, makes the difference. But which of these theories is correct?

If size matters, which size is best?

According to a study, size matters slightly, and some sizes are better than others, reports Ladbible.

Nicole Prause, Ph.D. is an American neuroscientist researching human sexual behavior, addiction, and the physiology of sexual response.

She wanted to find out if size actually matters, and if it did, how big is the ideal penis according to women.

A study through 3D printed penises

Prause discovered that previous studies on the subject seemed inconclusive. In many of them, women had to pick their preferred size from a paper with drawings or pictures of different penises.

However, it turns out that most people are bad at estimating the actual size just by looking at a piece of paper.

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Therefore, Prause and her colleagues created three-dimensional models of different-sized penises. That way, the women participating in the study could get a better idea before answering.

This is the ideal penis size for women

What conclusions did Dr. Prause draw from her study then?

Well, when it comes to size for one-night stands, women prefer a slightly larger and coarser penis, about 6.4 inches long and with a circumference of about 5 inches.

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But when it comes to a longer-lasting partner, women prefer a penis that is about 6.3 inches long and with a circumference of 4.8 inches.

However, you don’t have to despair too much if you fall below these standards.

The study also showed that penis size is not prioritized when women are looking for a male partner. Instead, it ended up very far down in the desired features list, roughly at the same spot as eyes’ color and which car men drive.

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Nice to finally get an answer to this famous question, right?

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