The viral puzzle that’s baffling the internet: Can you spot the ballerina among the flamingos?

I love brain-teasers! Whether it’s a crossword, an optical illusion or sudoku. When I was a kid, I could never get enough of them.

Exercising your brain is also good to keep memory and concentration in good shape, you could say that you are combining exercise and pleasure!

Anyway, the picture below is really clever – Most people couldn’t solve it without looking at the solution.

Hidden object puzzles are a good way to exercise the senses. You have to take a long look and get those neurons working.

Thousands of people couldn’t crack this puzzle

But this one was actually pretty difficult, I can say. Our family was trying to solve it for quite a long time, and it felt amazing when we finally succeeded.

When I found it on the internet, it was talking about how hard it was and how the puzzle couldn’t be solved even by thousands of users.

Below is a picture of a lot of flamingos. But somewhere in the picture, there is a ballerina hiding. Can you find her?

The flamingos viral puzzle
Image Source: The Sun

Take your time – keep in mind that this is quite difficult and only a few can handle it. If you can’t find the ballerina, the answer will be below.

There she is, far down the left in the picture! Because she is as blonde as the beak of the birds, she is really difficult to notice.

Did you find her without cheating? Then press that share button and see if your friends can do it as well!