Wife panics when the car breaks down, sends photo to husband that reveals embarrassing screw-up

Having a car can be a tricky business. You’re expected to be able to change tires and do all kinds of repairs. When your car is having trouble, it’s often best to head straight to a repair shop – otherwise things could get expensive.

This funny fictitious story is a hilarious example of just that. Hopefully it will make you laugh as hard as it did me!

Carl was in a work meeting when his wife called him. He put the phone on silent mode and continued the meeting, but a few seconds later she called again.

“She knows I’m at work, so this must be important,” he thought, and started getting worried.

He excused himself from the meeting and answered his phone out in the corridor, “Hey honey, what’s up?”

Strange problem

His wife replied in a panicked tone, “Listen, I borrowed your car to go buy groceries, but something is terribly wrong!”

“What? It was working fine yesterday, what happened?”

“Well, the car won’t start, and there’s a man on the dashboard taking a crap.”

“Taking a… wait, what did you just say?”

“A man taking a crap! You know, dropping a load! Doing a doo-doo! ” she said exasperatedly.

“Honey, you’re talking nonsense.”

“Look, I’ll take a photo and send it. Check your phone!” she said confidently.

Carl checked his inbox – and found this photo…

They sure had “crappy weather” that day, but it isn’t always easy dealing with technology. As you might have noticed, the photo was of a car thermometer showing minus 4 degrees – and not of a man taking a dump!

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