Olivia, 9, leaves a heartwarming note to her mother – her cute attempt has the internet in stitches

Anyone who has raised children or hang around them often, knows that anything can happen once their little faces brighten up.

Children are wonderful because they haven’t really developed social filters yet, which gives rise to plenty of hilarious and embarrassing situations.

But perhaps the best thing about kids is their absolute honesty. They neither can nor want to hide their feelings. Everything just comes out. Their straightforwardness is something most adults look at with admiration.

For nine-year-old Olivia, the school year had only lasted a few weeks thanks to the lockdown. But after spending the last five months at home playing with her mom, going back to school didn’t really look that attractive to her.

The impending responsibilities motivated Olivia to write an amazing note to her mother about her feelings towards her first day of school, reports The Mirror.

“Don’t wake me up”

Olivia Joyce lives with her mother, Danielle, and the rest of her family in the UK. When the coronavirus paralyzed the world earlier this year, Olivia had to stay home during the lockdown.

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But now that a new school year has begun, and the schools are welcoming students again. Olivia seems to have taken a liking to her new routine.

So much that when Danielle got up in the morning to wake her daughter up, she found a handwritten note on the kitchen table.


“Hi mom, it’s Olivia. I just wanted to tell you don’t wake me up I am really tired!

“Pls say to the office:

‘Hi, it’s Olivia’s mum she has a high temperature and she says she feels dizzy and sick.’

“Please at least I can spend some time with you 🙂

“I love you. Your lovely daughter Olivia,” the note said.

Thousands smile thanks to Olivia

Mother Danielle laughed heartily at her daughter’s heartwarming attempt to escape from school.

Danielle posted the adorable note in a local Facebook group, where now thousands shared a laugh.

This made me laugh this morning. You wouldn’t think she had just had 5 months off, would you? It didn’t work, and she is at school,” Danielle wrote next to the image.

The reactions were just as expected.

“How can you say no to that?” joked a member.

What a brilliant, funny kid I’d deffo give her the day off, pamper her like a princess and be super proud of her spirit lol,” wrote another.

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