10 odd places where you need to have sex – at least once in your life

Sometimes you may need to get creative to spice up your sex life.

All relationships go through a slump sooner or later. Still, it is essential not to give up. Instead, try to come up with creative solutions to rekindle the passion. So you can let your other half know that you still love them (and they won’t get rid of you so easily).

One of these can be “doing it” in a new or unexpected place. For many, playing with the possibility of being caught adds plenty of excitement to the relationship.

Therefore, here is a list of ten great places where everyone should try to have sex!

1. At work

The days at work are often dull, and the environment is relatively unexciting. Therefore, it can benefit your sex life and your opinion of your workplace to “get busy” with your partner at work. Maybe sneak in during the weekend and do the dirty?

2. To have sex in a pool

One of the most romantic things to do together is to swim in a lovely pool. The skin is easily wet and constantly in contact, and the temperature is usually high. Then why not take the opportunity to get some? It feels wonderful doing it surrounded by water!


3. On the beach

It may sound cliché, but nothing heats things up like watching a sunset on the beach. So take off your clothes and do it where it feels private enough. An experience you will hardly ever forget!

4. Do it in the forest

A walk in the woods is incredibly peaceful. Sex might not be the first thing that pops up in your mind, but that may be precisely why it can be something so fantastic—a great way to complement a day out in nature, I say.

5. 36,000 feet in the air

You must have heard of the mythical “36k club.” Right? Sneaking into the toilet of an airplane to have coitus has become a milestone for many couples. Just make sure to keep the noise down.


6. On the hood of your car

Here, it is essential to prioritize safety, of course. Turn onto a desolate or small road, turn off the car, apply the parking brake – and go crazy. It may not be the most comfortable, but still very spontaneous and sexy. Maybe it will get you both in a better mood after a complicated family reunion?

7. Risky frisky in the laundry room

The risk of being caught gets many people going. If you do not live in an apartment building or share a laundry room, you can use your imagination to fill the gaps. Maybe there is another shared or public room in the area that you can use for a quicky? Use your creativity!

8. In the middle of the date

Have a romantic evening at a restaurant or go to the cinema together. Then put the date on hold for a bit – and sneak away for some sexy time. Maybe you will find the janitor’s room, or there is a bathroom that works. Then return to your evening – and pretend as if nothing happened (even though neither of you will be able to).


9. Having sex on the balcony

Enjoying a good drink or a nice meal on a cozy balcony is wonderful. But imagine having sex out there—the view, the fresh air, and being somehow in public. You can’t go wrong!

10. Or ride the waves

Being out on the open sea, with a bottle of champagne, enjoying each other’s company and the tranquility – what better way to end this romantic escapade than a fiery and very intimate moment. Hopefully, you can soak in the quiet and beautiful surroundings in the meantime. It should be magical!


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