Sex Life: 82-year-old lady has many new lovers every week

We are proven time and time again that age is just a number, but you still get happy every time you see an example. You do not have to stop doing the things you love just because you are getting older.

If you want to do something, do it, no matter what others think!

The American lady Hattie Retroage, 82, lives her life in such a way, without caring about others’ opinions.

She is a diligent user of dating apps and meets with up to three new lovers every week, writes British The Sun.

Getting older does not necessarily mean that you need to slow down in life. On the contrary, it’s the best time to push the pedal to the metal and do what you think is fun. After all, if not now, when?

“Everyone wants to f*** me”

Hattie Retroage is an 82 years old lady who lives in New York. She has been single since she divorced her husband in 1984. Nowadays, she meets up to three different men a week via various dating apps.

Men can be decades younger than Hattie.

“I have never met a man who doesn’t want to f*** me,” Hattie says to The Sun.

The lady is picky in bed

However, not everyone gets a turn at a sexy time with her. Hattie is very picky about who she takes to bed.

“We go out for a drink, and if the chemistry is right, we go to my apartment, and if not, then we just leave each other alone,” Hattie continues.

Hattie prefers to date men in their 50s as they are the ones who can get her off more effectively.

Her advice: “Masturbate for God’s sake”

Hattie has two children and three grandchildren. She has previously worked as a dancer and receives offers from men of all ages via dating apps.

As Hattie has many years of experience and wisdom, she obviously has some advice to share with other women.

“The sex tip I’m giving people is masturbate, for God’s sake. You must keep the engine going whether you feel like it or not… So keep that alive,” Hattie says.

Hattie is also a big porn consumer and recommends swimming and going for a run to keep fit.

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