11 idiots that wore ripped jeans and paid the ultimate prize

Most of us have noticed the arrival of the summer. Those who have the opportunity, have taken to visiting balconies, lawns, and pools to enjoy the nice weather. Being almost in July already, people usually make sure they have sunscreen on when heading outside.

Well, most people do, at least.

Some forget to wear any sun protection. And even if you remember to protect your face and arms, it is difficult to cover everything that might be directly under the sun.

A seemingly common mistake this summer is to go out wearing ripped jeans. You know the ones that are always popular with young people, with a lot of holes in them.

I don’t use them myself, but it seems to be trendy – and now there is evidence that there is a price to pay if you use this type of jeans.

Recently, a new online trend caught traction. It’s about people taking pictures after burning themselves in the sun wearing ripped jeans. Their intention, obviously, is to take their misfortune with a bit of humor and share a laugh with the world.

It is surprisingly effective, as the results from these types of burns look hilarious. I guess ripped jeans are good for something after all!

Just check out these 11 pictures!

If you don’t know, this is what we mean by ripped jeans!

1. A dalmatian, summer version!

2. Oh, ouch!

ripped jeans 02

3. Sunburns that look like cuts, edgy!

4. It hurts just looking at it!

ripped jeans 04

5. Wearing ripped jeans on the beach, genius!

6. I call this one pasty white with red stripes!

ripped jeans 06

7. If only there was a product to avoid this

8. A red moon and a half!

ripped jeans 08

9. This man needs to dip himself in sunscreen before going outside!

10. These look like they shine in the dark

ripped jeans 10

11. Not a tan you can really brag about

summer 11

Stop using ripped jeans this summer! Or at least make sure you protect yourself from the sun! Now press that share button below and spread this vital information around!

On top of that, you can also invite your friends to a laugh today!