Chubby mom makes fun of celebrities fancy pictures

The mother of two Laura Belbin has become an online sensation with her Instagram account Knee deep in life, which now has over 507,000 followers. But what is her secret? Well, this wonderful woman shows her pictures without any filters – something very few would dare.

Laura has made it her thing to recreate celebrities’ stylish, retouched, and taken-under-perfect-light pictures on social media. However, she does it in her own unaltered way – and things rarely look as glamorous or professional.

However, that is the purpose, as she has previously said. Showing that what you post online does not always have to be perfect. We are human – and behind our flawless facades, there are always problems, worries, and defects.

Laura shows that we don’t have to be super skinny, follow all fashion trends, have a fantastic shape, or look like a supermodel to be successful on social media.

We are who we are – and we should be proud of it. Our breasts may sag, our asses can be a little too big and our six-packs might be nowhere to be found – it makes no difference. Everyone has their own identity, with its pros and cons, and the way this mom makes light of it all is absolutely priceless!

Recreating celebrity pictures

Even other famous women online recognize Laura’s hilarious approach to these crazy beauty standards.

I laughed so hard tears came out when I first saw Laura recreating these over-produced pictures!

Check out her latest posts! Not only are the photos hilarious, but you also get some motivation from the text alongside them!

Fantastic! Talk about being true to yourself – just perfect!

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