13 contractors who got fired on the spot

Being a contractor isn’t easy – you’ve got to be handy, knowledgeable and be able to solve a lot of complicated problems.

But like in all other professions, the occasional mistake is unavoidable. And when you have to build complicated buildings and constructions, it’s understandable that things go wrong every now and then.

But sometimes, you can’t help wondering, “What the hell were they thinking?”

Below, we’ve compiled 13 photos of epic contractor fails. If this list made you smile, feel free to send it on!

1. “Just walk down the stairs and through the door.”
“Okay, sounds easy enough…”

2. What were they thinking?!?

3. I can’t put my finger on it, but something’s wrong with this driveway…

4. Let’s hope a fire never breaks out here!

5. That’s one well-placed gate!

6. Such a lovely… whatever that is!

7. Leg space is overrated anyway!

8. “Let’s go look at clothes on the second floor…”

9. When you have to place a window just before getting off work on a Friday afternoon…

10. Someone has to get fired – immediately!

11. “Hold on, I’m just gonna wash my hands…”

12. When your divorce ends in a 50/50 split

13. Really well planned…

These photos are simply hilarious – I have no idea how things went so wrong!

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