13 pictures that prove Mother Nature has quite the dirty mind

Nature is mind-blowing! It’s a privilege to get to walk around its incredible landscapes and just enjoy the sight of the overwhelming monuments that exist on our beautiful planet.

Being surrounded by nature is one of the best ways to clear your mind. You simply feel calmer and healthier after walking in the forest or camping near a lake.

However, if your sense of humor permits, you also have the chance to see it has – just like the rest of us – a pretty dirty mind. And we made a list to prove it!

Enjoy the show!

1. Soon, small saplings will grow here…

Nature 1

2. The favorite position of nature

3. Literally horsing around!

Nature 3

4. Inviting…

5. What a massive… branch?

Nature 5

6. A candidate for the title of “The biggest in the forest”

7. Should doggy style be renamed to tree style?

Nature 7

8. Such a cheerful face!

9. Who thought this was a good idea?

Nature 9

10. Oopsie!

11. This tree almost needs censorship!

12. This pose is apparently also pretty popular

13. Mother Nature you are naughty

Don’t worry! Nature can only get better from here, trust me!

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