Breathtaking: 10 images that look fake – but are unexpectedly real

There are many breathtaking things to see online and on social media. Still, most of them are edited, somehow manipulated, or straight-up fake. Therefore, it is difficult to know what and who to trust – it is normal to be skeptical.

Deception and fake news plague the internet everywhere, always remember to double-check information and spread your information sources as wide as you can.

With that aside, however, there are many natural phenomena, places, and creations on earth that look so unreal it’s hard to believe your eyes. To celebrate our earth’s endless beauty, we have compiled 10 images that might look fake at first sight – but are actually real.

All the photos were surprising and unexpected to me!

1. An incredibly realistic creation by artist Ron Mueck.

Breathtaking 1
Picture: Facebook

2. Breathtaking work of art by Benedict Radcliffe.

Picture: Benedict Radcliffe
Breathtaking 2
Picture: Benedict Radcliffe

3. Big fish is eaten by an even bigger fish.

Image: Twitter / @ Denni_1242

4. This giant sinkhole suddenly appeared in Guatemala 10 years ago.

Picture: Imgur

5. This really looks like a cruise ship is traveling ashore, but it’s just a luxury hotel that sits on a cliff.

Breathtaking 5
Picture: Imgur

6. This apartment building in Bolivia looks trippy!

Picture: Imgur

7. This wooden cabin in the California desert is covered with mirrors.

Breathtaking 7
Image: Reddit

8. A massive sandstorm in Australia.

Picture: Imgur

9. In Kansas, a tornado and a rainbow appeared at the same time.

Breathtaking 9
Picture: Imgur

10. When a powerful hurricane takes down everything in its way.

Breathtaking 10
Image: Reddit

Imagine what other incredible creations remain undiscovered around the world. If it’s not a piece of art, it’s Mother Nature – We’ll never run out of surprises thanks to the sights our planet can offer!

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