14 hilarious toilet signs that will have you laughing your ass off

14 hilarious toilet signs that will have you laughing your ass off

Signs exist to make things faster and simpler for us. They communicate a clear message that‘s easy to grasp without having to waste time reading text or asking around. Usually, signs are universal and allow us to cross the language barrier.

But when you think about it, most signs are just plain boring.

It’s only when businesses hire creative minds to design their signs, that it gets fun. Subtle and unexpected messages can make a place more memorable – and distinguish it from the competition. One of the most common places for clever, and creative signs, is the bathroom.

Therefore, we have gathered 14 of, in our opinion, the best signs in the toilet. I guarantee you will have a good laugh – and maybe even feel like visiting one of these bathrooms!

I love every single one of these!

1. This sign speaks the truth!

Bathroom 1
2. In today’s society, a third alternative is always welcome.

Bathroom 2
3. Haha! Easy to figure out what they stand for…

toilet signs
4. A funny way to divide people!

bathroom signs
5. An extra door for the little ones, so cute!

6. This one proposes equality, very indifferently!

7. Haha! I had to think for a few seconds before I got this one!

8. Pizza sign– who came up with this?

Bathroom 54
9. My absolute favorite! I need these for my apartment!

toilet signs 33
10. Sausages or eggs?

11. Simple and easy to understand!

12. I’m calling this one: “minimalistic and vulgar!”

13. Hard to misunderstand, brilliant!

toilet signs 556
14. I’ll have a good laugh if I ever use this restroom!

Source: Boredpanda & Sarcasm.Online

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