15 construction mistakes that undoubtedly got the craftsman fired that same day

All professions have their positives and negatives, no matter what you do for a living. Being good with the difficult parts of a job will make you the object of admiration among co-workers, while being able to do the simpler parts may not be something to brag about.

However, if things go wrong with the easy parts of a job, the whole thing exhales stupidity – especially if it’s the work of craftsmen. There is just no way to hide such blunders.

When you witness a horrible mistake in construction work, you wonder what the craftsmen thought when they decided to go ahead with it.

Therefore, below we have gathered a list of 15 craftsmen who should really consider changing careers.

1. Who needs security when you have an impenetrable door?

craftsmen terrible job 001

2. Nothing like a safe playground for your kids

3. “Are you sure that the driveway should not be in front of the garage door?”

“Trust us, we make the best driveways!”

craftsmen terrible job 003

4. I wonder how much the tickets cost

5. Disability access, with obstacles!

craftsmen terrible job 005

6. Ah! A dreamy view! Whenever the craftsmen decide to build doors there

7. “Great job!” Said no one

craftsmen terrible job 007

8. Have you ever seen a climbing ATM?

9. A balcony taken from a cartoon

craftsmen terrible job 009

10. A social-distancing inspired bathroom

11. Some craftsmen seem to have a difficult time understanding balconies

craftsmen terrible job 011

12. These stairs might lead to Hogwarts

13. “To cross this bridge all you need is a leap of faith”

craftsmen terrible job 013

14. I have no words for this one

15. These stairs are like the American congress – they get nowhere

What a bunch of hilarious mistakes – how could things have gone so wrong?! I sometimes can’t believe things even if I’m looking at the evidence with my eyes. I guess it’s good for keeping my faith in humanity.

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