16 summer pictures that I guarantee will keep you away from the beach for years ahead

It took a while, but summer is finally here. With it, comes a new fashion wave ready to get you comfortable in the heat without sacrificing your style.

Time to free yourself of thick and heavy clothes and embrace the sun once again. Unfortunately, the high temperatures are the perfect excuse for people to get a bit too comfortable with their clothing.

This is particularly true on the beach, where you can encounter many types of swimwear “fashion”. And we are not necessarily talking about clothes.

Here are 16 of the most bizarre summer beach “styles” you’ll ever see – enjoy the list!

1. Now that’s what you call a real music lover

2. As ugly as it is creepy

summer fashion 2

3. The good ‘ol summer hair bikini

4. There’s always that guy who doesn’t want any tan lines

summer fashion 4


6. ???!

summer fashion 6

7. I guess you work with what you have

8. A hoodie and a speedo?

summer fashion 8

9. Just tie a string around the waist – fashion!

10. They are not wearing it wrong, it’s a fashion statement!

summer fashion 10

11. If you have a big chest, you must hide it – gender equality!

12. Forget speedos, this year it’s loose underwear’s year!

summer fashion 12

13. “Honey, do I need to get a new bikini?”
“Use the old one, it still suits you!”

14. This fashion statement is something I won’t forget for a while

summer fashion 14

15. A new summer trend…

16. Where does it go?!

summer fashion 16

Would you wear any of these garments this summer?

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