17 Christmas gifts for those with a dirty mind

It’s that time of the year! Christmas is almost upon us, and you can feel the festive atmosphere in the air. You get to cuddle indoors with a warm cup of coffee, looking out the window as it snows, awaiting the big day in which you’ll be reunited with your loved ones.

This year, Christmas will probably be a little special, with the pandemic and all it entails. Still, hopefully, people will be careful enough when they visit their family and friends.

You really know Christmas is here when the stress of the preparations hits you. The decor, the food, the gifts, and everything in between – there is almost no time to do everything!

If you are out of inspiration and don’t know what to buy for your loved ones, but enjoy a bit of humor in your presents, we’ve got you covered. Here is a list of 17 pretty funny Christmas gifts.

1. Who doesn’t love a fabric vagina hanging on the Christmas tree?

gifts 1

2. Such cozy slippers!

3. If Christmas gets too stressful, you can always calm down with this nice-looking stress ball.

gifts 3

4. Time to make your loved ones eat something delicious during Christmas morning!

5. As you know, winter is cold, so maybe this penis warmer will help you out?

gifts 5

6. A gift to make soap or chocolates from a familiar shape!

7. A chocolate vibrator, sweet!

gifts 7

8. Another pair of sleepers, for those that feel they don’t need to compensate!

9. Perfect to provide a warm welcome at your entrance!

gifts 9

10. A stuffed penis toy, best Christmas gift ever?

11. For those that want to remember what playing Call of Duty is during Christmas

12. Gingerbread cookies can only reach their maximum potential when they are penis shaped!

13. Butthole soap – the perfect gift for the whole family!

gifts 13

14. Stress Balls! – Women edition

christmas 14

15. I feel sorry for Rudolf, just saying!

16. Earrings for anyone who wants to be left alone…

17. The ultimate Christmas sweater!

gifts 17

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