Police officer makes a gesture – but his doggy’s reaction has everyone in stitches

Some dogs are incomparably intelligent. At times, the things we get to witness from these 4 legged little devils can feel unreal. They can surprise us at any moment. 

Their cleverness and ability to adapt know no limits. Add to that the unconditional love they provide, and you get the perfect companion. 

The German Shepherd in today’s story has been called “the world’s smartest dog.” And when you see what he can do on command, you’ll immediately understand why.

I’m probably not the only one fascinated by what animals can achieve. Everything from fancy actions and cheeky tricks to essential tasks. Above all, dogs have an incredible ability to learn and understand specific commands.

Important work to do

Many people try to teach their beloved doggies to sit, lie down, roll, and some other basic tricks. It is often a stimulating part of the animal’s upbringing, but that’s all they are – typical pet tricks.

However, some dogs have a job to do!

I mean, there are support dogs, airport security dogs, tracking dogs, and many others. They go through special training and are extremely hard workers. To mesh well with their partner, their obedience levels go way above the average doggy (which is still nothing to scoff at).

Police officer makes a small gesture

These little heroes, who on a daily basis, help law enforcement keep our society safe, really deserve our utmost respect. If you have ever doubted their intelligence, I think it will become clearer once you see the incredible clip below!

police officer and dog
Image: Youtube

A beautiful German Shepherd lies on the ground in a parking lot, taking it easy. At the same time, his partner, a police officer, talks to a film crew close by.

They are only a few meters away. But suddenly, the officer makes a small gesture – and the dog immediately understands that it is time to get to work.

dogs reaction
Image: Youtube

Now check for yourself what he does when he gets to the police vehicle closeby – it is absolutely astounding.

The people behind the camera can’t help but laugh in awe. Most likely because they are so impressed by this little scoundrel, who became a viral sensation in a matter of days.

Over 4 million people have now watched this fantastic video!

What an amazing dog! So incredibly smart!

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