Bank robber hands over demand note to a teller – but she notices a detail that gets him arrested within hours

Some thieves are real idiots, to put it bluntly.

However, that’s nothing to be sad about – this usually means that they won’t pose much trouble for the police.

This was the case for the 54-year-old bank robber from Cleveland, Ohio, who took money from a bank some time ago – but made a mistake so stupid I’m almost ashamed for him.

The foolish bank robber walked into a local U.S. Bank branch during a Monday morning, Yahoo reports. He immediately went to one of the tellers and gave her a demand note.

“Give me your cash”

According to Readers Digest, the note the bank robber handed out said:

“Be quick and be quiet. Give me your cash, or I’ll shoot”.

bank robber
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However, as the teller finished reading the note, she made an unexpected discovery when she turned the paper around to check the other side. “She saw his name. He’d used a note that he had used earlier at the BMV, and it had his name on it.” Said FBI’s Special Agent Vicki Anderson to Fox 8.

The bank robber left with $400

She gave the robber $400 – then contacted the authorities when he left the building.

The police were able to seize the document with all the robber’s personal information. This made their job much easier, said Anderson, according to Yahoo.

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