24 pictures that describe exactly what it’s like to be pregnant

Making a family with someone you love is one of the best feelings in the world. Having your own kids to raise and care for – there is absolutely nothing like it.

It is, however, hard work, and it starts during pregnancy, especially for the mother. She has to endure a lot before being able to enjoy her wonderful family.

Line Severinsen, a Nordic illustrator, has published a book called “I’m so pregnant”, which contains a compilation of pictures that very well describe life as a pregnant woman, check out some of the images included in the book below.

1. Watch others go through childbirth and feel all the feelings simultaneously

2. Everyone, EVERY SINGLE PERSON, wants to touch your belly.

3. Stretch marks? No, tiger stripes!

4. Always have the bathroom in your sight.

5. No drinks for 9 months… and some more.

6. Dropping something on the floor can be catastrophic.

7. To lie comfortably in bed is basically impossible.

8. The biggest challenge = putting on your shoes.

9. When the baby wants out.

10. Your beach body will have to wait.

11. Being pregnant has some benefits as well!

12. Your partner becomes sympathy pregnant.

13. That feeling trying to sleep during week 40.

14. Shaving becomes increasingly difficult when pregnant.

15. The thought of this happening as soon as you walk out the door.

16. When you MUST have that certain snack.

17. The midnight cramps…

18. Everyone gets to see you.

19. The hormone changes.

20. Everything gets more and more swollen.

21. When you try to sing for the baby.

22. When trying to have some sexy time with your sweetheart.

23. Suddenly, huge boobs.

24. The last days before the birth.

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