Tory lives with her 4 boyfriends and now she’s pregnant: “Everyone is a dad”

Everyone should live their life the way they want – and we, of course, must respect it as long as it doesn’t affect us.

Here at the Laugh Club, however, we try to be as neutral and fair as possible when we report on people who stand out and dare to live life differently. 

Uncommon lifestyles can be fascinating for the normal person – it’s exciting to take a look into something that feels new and strange to your everyday life.

On that note, how about a Florida family made up of one girlfriend and four boyfriends? But wait, there’s more. Now a new family member it’s on their way, a daughter according to their doctor.

Most people look for a partner. Someone to be their best friend, but also love them through thick and thin. Tory, a woman from Florida, has found hers – four different ones, at the same time.

Nowadays, having two boyfriends or girlfriends it’s not a common occurrence in our society (it still happens, of course) – this happy woman, however, has managed to get four, all under the same roof. Color me impressed.

They enjoy being together

The quintet’s strange lifestyle has provoked strong reactions, but they claim to be happy with their situation. The men take turns to spend time with – and take care of – Tory, but they roll as a group most of the time.

“We enjoy being together,” said Tory in an interview with Barcroft TV.

Picture: Youtube / Barcroft TV

She met Travis at the age of 18, during school hours. A few months later, Travis suggested a polygamous relationship to Tory, which ended with his friend Ethan, 19 at the time, jumping in. After that Marc joined the fray when he was 22, and became the third boyfriend – and a little later, Christopher, 23, became the 4th boyfriend, reports the Daily Star.

Picture: Youtube / Barcroft TV

Not too long ago, Tory got pregnant. So they had to figure out who the biological father was. After carefully counting backward in the calendar, it became clear that the child came to life during a small love holiday with Christopher. I can’t imagine the face on the potential fathers going through the days where the other boyfriends had sex with Tory to figure it out.

Wants them to get other girlfriends

However, it is clear that to them, paternity doesn’t belong to Chris alone.

“We are all raising the baby together, so everyone’s a dad,” said Tory. “It’s the best family in the world to raise a little girl in.”

Picture: Youtube / Barcroft TV

She lives with all four on the same house and wants them to get more girlfriends – but none of the men have yet chosen to do that. Her lovers do not see themselves as partners to each other – and sometimes there may be some jealousy.

“We try to be as open to each other as possible, but most of us are introverted,” said one of the men.

Below you can see a video about this special family.

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