11 “baking masters” who should never, ever be allowed to open a confectionery

Baking is super-fun, especially if it’s for someone else. Nothing beats the feeling of watching your loved ones enjoy the food that you made.

However, it doesn’t always go as planned in the kitchen, and some bakers end up in pretty funny situations – here we have a list of people that weren’t expecting what came out of the oven.

1. “Congratulations on the creepiest sheep I’ve ever seen!”

Baking nightmare

2. Extremely (nightmares) inviting cakes

3. At least they tried

4. Yummy!

5. “Honey, did you check if it’s done?”
“Yes, It still needs a few minutes!”

6. All according to plan… not

7. “Was it a teaspoon or a tablespoon of baking soda?”

8. Not the world’s cutest cake

9. I can’t see the difference

10. I don’t think they noticed what it looks like

11. “Have you seen grandma’s glasses?”

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