Image list: 17 people who definitely regret their tattoos

It seems like more and more people are getting tattoos these days. The design can be anything from a small text to a huge colored image – sometimes I feel like there are more people with than without tattoos these days.

However, most people choose pretty small and discreet tattoos that often aren’t visible when wearing normal clothes. Others prefer to be a bit more extreme and want ink that really stands out. That’s not really my cup of tea, but people are free to do what they want with their own bodies.

Which is a good thing, but sometimes people take things too far.

Just take a look at the 17 people below! Now that’s what I call extreme – I definitely think that several of them regret their decisions after the fact. But some are actually hilarious!

I would like to point out that a couple of these may be faked. If so, then they’ve done a damn good job of it.

Regardless, I think these people are bound to get attention walking in the streets!

1. I would have been terrified standing behind this man!

2. Keep your fingers crossed that this turns out well!

3. When your hair line starts receding, just compensate with ink!

4. A living checkerboard…

5. Now that’s one creative giraffe!

6. Just keep swimming…

7. I wonder what his parents have to say about this…

8. Why have eyebrows when you can have kitties?

9. I just don’t understand some people. This almost makes me shiver!

10. The woman who dreamed of having 4 eyes…

11. A great tattoo for a geography teacher…

12. Haha! Okay, this one is pretty hilarious!

13. Oh my God!

14. At least she’ll always have her guitar ready…

15. Haha, scary but funny!

16. If there ever was a time to lose faith in humanity, that time is now…

17. Haha, there’s still some “grass” that needs mowing, grandpa!

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