New pictures: 15 people who lost a limb – but not their sense of humor

I just love people who can laugh at their own expense. Nobody’s perfect, so we shouldn’t be ashamed of our bodies, of how we look or of our shortcomings.

Missing certain body parts or limbs can make you stand out of a crowd. But that being said, your body being different doesn’t have to be a burden.

It’s easier said than done, but you’ve got to make the most of the hand you’re dealt, and be thankful for what you have.

For this reason, inspired by Adriana Minadi (Youtube), we’ve compiled a list of 15 people who lost a limb – but not their sense of humor!

These wonderful people have the ability of putting their ego aside and laughing at their own expense. Sure, you might be missing a finger, a leg or something like that – but you can still have a damn good time!

These people who proudly show their unique bodies are real role models!

1. Of course your stump should be making a thumbs up!

2. Damn, a Great White got my leg!

3. Haha! That’s one way of using your footless leg…

4. Brilliant!

5. Darn it, the T-Rex got my leg!

6. One of the advantages of having one leg – you can pull off a flawless flamingo impression!

7. …or scare people out of their wits when you’re bored.

8. That’s what I call laughing at one’s own expense!

9. The advantage of having just one arm – you only need one glove!

10. This is the best dating profile picture I’ve seen! She seems completely comfortable with her body, and I cracked up at the leg joke!

11. Haha! Heeelp!

12. Never give up on making snow angels!

13. The good thing about having a prosthetic leg – you can always improvise a table!

14. …or dress up as a lamp at costume parties!

15. Haha, “Oops!” I can’t think of a better tattoo on a finger stump!

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