The 15 worst “comb overs” you’ll ever see – some should be shaved even if against their will

One of the hardest things to deal with is accepting your beautiful mane is starting to say goodbye. Hair for men is a symbol of masculinity, and when it starts falling out, some people embrace it and shave their heads, which in my opinion, is the way to go.

However, some refuse to accept it and hang on to whatever little hair they have left, trying to hide their baldness by combing the hair from the back or the sides over the bald part. However, what they don’t understand is that this “camouflage” – fools no one!

Having a little bald spot is nothing to be ashamed of. Better that than trying to hide it unsuccessfully. With this in mind, we made a list with 15 of the worst comb overs that the world has ever seen!

These gentlemen should either shave everything off or embrace their bald spot!

1. He was a bird’s nest in his past life.

hair 1

2. A lot of work for a terrible comb!

3. Ah the curl in the front, very cute.

hair comb 3

4. I don’t think he knows how the comb looks from behind.

5. He looks like he got splashed with water from the side…

6. What am I even watching?

comb 6

7. That smile and that comb don’t go well together…

8. No, no, no, and no.

comb 8

9. He doesn’t know when to give up!

hair comb over 9

10. At least this one is original!

beard comb

11. Seaweed comb style! Maybe a new fashion trend among older men?

12. “Must. Not. Look…”

13. Oh dear lord…

14. Just shave it off man, honestly.

comb over 14

15. The comb is not even the same color…

comb 15
Source: Oddee

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