Pubic hair: 7 important reasons why you should never shave ”down there”

Are you a woman? Do you shave or wax all your pubic hair? Then keep reading! Because we’ll tell you some of the reasons why it’s healthy to leave things a bit more “natural.”

There is nothing to lose. Maybe try to let it grow for a couple of weeks? Who knows, it might be the greatest thing ever!

Some people definitely think pubic hair is unhygienic or a turn-off, but have you ever wondered why we have it?

If you think about it, the reasons are apparent. Here are the benefits of letting your pubes protect your most private body parts:

1. Reduced risk of yeast infections

A yeast infection is the last thing you want. Unfortunately, it is quite likely for you to get one if it is all smooth and squeaky “down there.”

Pubic hair controls the moisture around your genitals. Without it, the delicate environment inside your underwear will be in danger. Creating ideal conditions for fungi instead – similar to when you wear a wet bikini for a long time.

“Pubic hair helps to control the moisture of the area, which decreases the chances of yeast infections,” said doctor Vanessa Mackay according to The Independent.

2. Increases sensitivity

Have you ever wondered why it hurts so much when someone pulls a hair from your head? This happens because hair roots have individual nerves and pain receptors – this includes pubic hair.

Besides, when you remove them, you lose the soft and cozy feeling that also works as a cushion to protect the area.

Leave your pubic hair alone
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3. Less sweat

You may not think about it that often, but we sweat between our legs just like in the rest of the body. Imagine a hot summer day when your pants are pressed against your crotch for hours. You’ll definitely be sweating!

However, if you have pubic hair, it creates a natural gap between your pants and your genitals. This allows the area to breathe, resulting in less sweat.

4. Counteracts skin irritation

The skin around your genitals is sensitive and easily irritated. It rarely gets the same amount of fresh air as your other body parts. If you have ever shaved or waxed your pubes, the skin probably got all red and lumpy, giving you an introduction to ingrown hairs.

It doesn’t sound like a good idea – right?

If you leave your hair down there alone, you will avoid irritation, itching, and headaches.

5. Regulates your body temperature

In the same way that pubic hair keeps a man’s testicles warm, it surrounds women’s genitals to regulate the temperature. It keeps things warm when it’s cold and, as we said before, let air in when it’s warm.

6. More attractive

It may sound weird, but the presence of pubic hair affects the pheromones that your body emits. They can, in turn, attract potential partners with your natural scent – a bit like perfume.

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7. Reduced risk of sexually transmitted diseases

According to statistics from the National Library of Medicine, women who shave or wax their pubic hair are more likely to get an STD.

This is because the small wounds caused by shaving and waxing make it easy for bacteria to penetrate. Without these wounds – and with hair protecting your privates – you are less likely to catch a sexually transmitted disease.

Sources: US National Library of MedicineMetroThe Independent, and Dartmouth College.

Did you have any idea that your pubic hair was so important?

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