19 secrets that all women have, but would never tell their partners

Honesty is perhaps the most important thing for a relationship to work. Be clear about what you think, feel and want. Otherwise, it won’t be possible to build a trusting and long-lasting relationship.

At the same time, we all have little secrets. It doesn’t have to be serious things, but having things only you know is important for a lot of us. It’s important to be honest with your partner, but that doesn’t mean you have to be an open book.

Of course, this can vary from person to person, but I think most of us have little secrets that no one else knows.

With that in mind, we have prepared a list for you:

19 secrets that all women have – but will never tell their partners.

Of course, you should take these with a pinch of salt, but I think you know that already!

Everything on this list is individual, but still, giving a hint to men about how most women think it’s fun – at least for their partners.

Compare you to their exes

1. Their best friend knows EVERYTHING – much more than the boyfriend does. Every single detail, from his bank account size to… uh, “other sizes”.

2. Your hands make her melt – but she will never admit it.

women relationship

3. If you are away from home she will steal some of your clothes to sleep in.

4. Your girlfriend won’t reveal how many people she slept with. If she ever gives a number, it has certainly been adjusted to some regard.

5. She fantasized about being with you before it ever happened. Yes, women are just as horny as men.

6. She has googled, looked up and probably stalked your ex.

7. Your girlfriend, at least at the start of the relationship, can’t help comparing you to all her exes.

8. She’s seen you watching porn, but didn’t say anything, seeing it as an “ace under her sleeve” – ​​and thinks that what you look at is kind of funny.

9. When she says she is done, you have at least a good 10 minutes before there is even a need to put on your shoes.

A little jealousy is good for the relationship

10. If you agree to meet somewhere in 30 minutes, you should think 45. If she says 1 hour, you can be there in 90 minutes with time to spare. 2 hours becomes easily 3 and so on. Throw in an extra 50% and you’ll be fine.

women relationship

11. She loves to hear some dirty talk – dare to say something kinky every now and then!

12. Is your girlfriend wearing her grandma’s underwear while running around with unshaven legs? Be glad, that’s a sign of her being comfortable and safe around you. Good job!

13. You are always being tested – at least at the beginning. The choices you make, the things you say, the way you act – everything is analyzed down to the last detail.

14. She likes it when you get a little jealous – but too much, to the point that it gets embarrassing or difficult.

15. Many arguments start for the simple reason that she feels ignored. So it doesn’t necessarily have to be about what you are fighting about – all you need to do is pay some attention to her.

16. Although at the beginning of the relationship she insists on splitting the bill, she will find you a bit stingy if you agree.

Hints should be taken seriously

17. If she hints that the relationship may come to an end – the decision has already been discussed with her friends for at least 2 weeks.

women relationship

18. Even though your girlfriend would probably never do it, she’s fantasized about being with your best friend. Again, women are just as horny as men.

19. Hints like “Don’t worry about me” or “Your phone seems very interesting today” are far more serious than they sound – and should be taken seriously. Hell is knocking on the door…

More than what I would like to admit was true on this list! If you think so, press that share button and invite your friends to read it as well! The truth is coming out!