These 11 men are recreating their wives’ dream photos – now thousands are doubling over laughing

The Internet has become an incredibly important part of our everyday lives, especially for young people. Every week (or even every day), people upload photos of themselves on social media such as Facebook and Instagram.

That’s not really my cup of tea, but I see people around me do it all the time. It seems especially common among girls – complete with pouting lips and unnatural poses which don’t really show their true selves.

But selfies are selfies, after all – it’s expected that you should be a little crazy and not just be yourself.

A lot of men have noticed this trend, and are now imitating their wives’ photos and posting them online. These funny jabs are all done in a joking and loving way – and I can’t help but relate!

I can’t stop laughing at these, this is just brilliant! Look at the 11 photos below!

1. I love nail polish – and we just have to compare!

2. Lazy Friday!

3. Strike a pose, ladies!

4. Cozy times in the bath!

5. No, I’m not bearing a baby… I’m baring my belly!

6. Today is home office day…

7. Taking a dip in the sunset – could it get any more romantic than this?

8. “Oh my God, that rock is huge!”

9. A “completely natural” gym selfie…

10. This is how I lie on the beach all the time! It has nothing to do with the camera!

11. Bathroom photos demand booty!

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