New Products: Here’s the new transparent puzzle for everyone

For many people, tinkering with a new hobby or solving a new puzzle works as a form of relaxation. It may sound strange because you have to concentrate, but it works as a way to disconnect and rest from our busy adult lives.

In addition, it is healthy to exercise the brain every now and then, especially now that technology does most of the thinking for us.

Brainteasers can come in many shapes and forms. Of course, most of us probably know the classics, such as crosswords and sudoku, which you can find in magazines and newspapers.

But there are millions of puzzles out there to help you exercise your brain.

Puzzles are great for brain-teasing, you must move those brain cells around if you want to overcome the challenge ahead. They also involve a lot of patience.

But the question is whether or not the puzzle of today’s story takes the prize in difficulty? It is a transparent Jigsaw puzzle.

Image source: Etsy

144 transparent pieces

The jigsaw puzzle, named Puzzle Impossible, is available in four different difficulty levels.

The Easy variant has nine pieces, the Okay version has 25, the Hard one has 49, and then there is a Crazy variant with 144 transparent puzzle pieces.

jigsaw puzzle
Image source: Etsy

In addition: the more pieces you choose for your puzzle, the smaller they will be. In other words, it will be a real challenge for those who prefer the Crazy variant.

“Took me several days”

Even though the finished puzzle does not offer anything as a reward other than the achievement itself, it has become quite trendy and is still available on Etsy.

“This was FUN! Wifey is into puzzles, and she made me assist in assembling this one. I’m going to have to order the bigger one at some point. Right now, we’re thinking about putting this one in a bowl on the coffee table as a conversation piece/challenge for visiting friends after the pandemic.” writes a user.

“Difficult but so much fun,” writes another user.

“The most difficult puzzle ever!” Says another.

If you want to test your patience, the puzzle costs between $23.37 and $30.80, depending on which variant you choose.

Image source: Etsy

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