Lifestyles: Sarah, 18, stopped trimming her eyebrows

There are new trends every day. Most of us have probably, with horror-filled nostalgia, seen old pictures of ourselves and wondered how we were allowed on the street looking like that.

Eyebrow styles are usually quite noticeableBut, of course, everyone can decide the trends they want to follow—and for 18-year-old Sarah, that means not shaving, plucking, or trimming her eyebrows at all. A move that made her more popular online than ever, she claims.

Sarah Marie Clark is a Danish model and makeup artist. He used to be very careful about plucking her eyebrows every week. However, after her mother told her that plucking her eyebrows so often was unhealthy, she decided to make a change, reports The Daily Mail.

Grew a unibrow

Sarah then came up with the idea to completely stop plucking her eyebrows, something that her friends and dates were skeptical of.

“I remember when I told some of my friends that I wanted to do it, they were skeptical because it looks a bit weird, and I know that, but it has really grown on them,” Sarah told The Sun.

Men love her eyebrows

Despite her friends’ opinions, Sarah chose to let her eyebrows grow, and it has been a success. The model jobs keep coming in, and men line up to ask Sarah out on a date.

“One guy sent me a message and said he would do anything to meet and date me because of my unibrow.

“I think some men can have a fetish for it. So some men DM me about it. I get a lot of dating requests; men peacocking, flirting with me,” says Sarah to The Sun.

But it’s not just praise.

“I get a lot of compliments but of course there are some people who find it offensive and have the need to tell me how gross or how much of a joke they think I am. But the joke’s on them because I get opportunities and jobs because of it,” says Sarah to The Sun.

“Do it for yourself”

Sarah is quite happy with her unibrow and thinks more people should try it.

“Try it out. The first time I tried it was with makeup. See how it looks. Don’t do it because it’s a trend, don’t do it because everyone else does or no one else does.

“Do it for yourself; that’s the most important thing,” she said.

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