Gluing eyelashes on your eyebrows – the new creepy trend no one ever wanted

Fashion is, in a word, incomprehensible. You can spend all your life chasing after the new trends. However, it’s not surprising that once you get your hands on the desired item, you can only show it off once or twice before it gets old. In the end, it ends up collecting dust with the rest of the garments that you’ll probably never use again.

Trends come and go in the blink of an eye. One day you are wearing massive, baggy clothes, and the next day your outfit is so tight it barely lets you breathe. The same applies to makeup; its trends are born and die in a flash, especially when it involves eyebrows.

From growing them as thick as possible to shaving them off and drawing a line with a black pen instead, eyebrows fashion seems to be impossible to follow or understand. With that in mind, I wonder if the latest eyebrows trend is here to stay (I hope not).

This new fashion statement comprises fake eyelashes glued onto the eyebrows, writes the site Rare.

It is okay to be interested in fashion and follow trends without caring what others think. But sometimes it might be going too far, at least if you look at the latest eyebrow trend.

Eyelashes everywhere

Gucci’s Spring 2020 Funway Show starred a new makeup fashion invention. The models walked the runway wearing fake eyelashes glued on top of their brows. The multiple lashes layers created a bizarre effect.

The man behind the new trend was Thomas de Kluyver, who glued the eyelashes on the models and himself.

“Highlight the unique beauty of each model”

According to Thomas de Kluyver himself, he wanted to make the models look supernatural.

“I wanted to highlight the unique and natural beauty of each model,” said de Kluyver, according to Rare.

But the new trend does not seem to be taking off since these brow eyelashes have been compared to spiders, which sounds pretty accurate.

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