New men’s trend: A beard that looks like a monkey tail

If you want to have some idea of ​​what is considered stylish, hip, and modern these days, you have to be fast. Trends come and go in the blink of an eye nowadays.

The fashion world is very volatile. Everyone is wearing super-tight clothes that leave little to the imagination one day, then clothes that are so loose they barely stay on the next.

However, it’s not only clothes you need to follow to be “trendy.” You need to be aware of the make-up, hairstyles, and everything in between. Even the way people trim their beards has changed over the years, and you need to be mindful of the currently popular styles if you want to be “cool.”

However, the latest beard trend might have crossed a line, according to the internet at least. Namely, it involves trimming it to look like a monkey tail.

Having a beard it’s honestly quite nice. If you take care of it and have a barber trim it to fit your face shape, it’s a great asset to have.

But I’m having a difficult time thinking of someone whose face shape would be a good fit for the latest beard trend.

From the beard to the mustache

The trend has been given the name “monkey tail beard,” which simply means that you shave your beard so that it looks like you have a monkey tail on your face.

It starts on the sideburns and then goes down along the jawline, lifts up on the chin, and finally surrounds the mouth.

Judge for yourself. What do you think?

Thousands follow the monkey tail beard trend

Thousands of men have now jumped on to the trend and are publishing pictures online with their brand new “monkey tail” beards.

The trend seems to originate from 2019. When baseball player Mike Fiers played a match rocking a well-trimmed monkey tail beard.

Some even color their beard to make it look more “realistic.”

What do you think? Is it cool and creative, or should it be banned?

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