The latest viral trend: Painting your nails with small, cute vaginas

If you want to know ​​what is considered stylish, hip, or cool these days, you have to keep up with the ever-evolving clothing industry.

We’ve talked before about how fashion trends can shift from super-tight clothes with nothing left to the imagination, to ones that are so loose that it is a miracle they don’t fall off.

And not only clothes that follow trends. Make-up, hairstyles, and even the color of our nails must follow the latest fashion guidelines. However, it’s impossible to predict what will be the next fad.

Like the new vagina nails, for example.

On Instagram, the social media app, vaginal art on nails has exploded, making it the latest viral trend this week.

Tribute to the vagina

The trend is said to have started at the American nail salon Fingerbang Portland.

Decorating your nails with vaginas of various shapes is a tribute to the vagina, the source of human life.

And rightfully so, the new trend is spreading like wildfire around the world.

The nail designs all look different, just their real counterparts.

Paying tribute to the vagina, the source of all life, is actually a great idea. Especially since there is this strong taboo towards such a natural and influential part of our lives.

Hundreds of vaginas

The posts on Instagram are numerous. With the hashtag #vaginanails, hundreds of posts at the time of writing.

Here we have ten different “vaginas” on the same person.

Here, a pearl symbolizing the clitoris.

Another one.

Would you like to have a few vaginas on your nails as well?

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