Youngsters are using superglue to enhance their lips

Lately, it seems that the world revolves around new trends. It can be anything, from a new dance in Tiktok to a new type of skirt.

Some are tasteful, while others are daring – and some are just a bit over the top. It usually takes me a while to jump into a new trend, and some go away before I even notice them. At this age, what I value the most is comfiness and durability.

I honestly don’t care what others think about my looks, but I understand that it is important to some people. Keeping up with fashion can be a good source of stimulation as long as you don’t let it overwhelm you!

Some time ago we wrote about people taking their eyelashes to the next level. It is surprising what you can do with your looks nowadays. People will use anything, from make-up to things like plastic surgery and injections to change the way they look.

I don’t judge what others do with their appearance – it is their own choice, but I would never go to such extremes to change my looks.

A cheap way to puff up your lips

These methods have, however, become quite common, especially for things like puffy lips – and it is undeniable that it has become a trend. Especially among the younger generation.

However, the latest “life hack” online is something I would have never imagined myself.

It started with a woman named Chloe, who posted a video online showing herself applying glue above her face – and pulling her lip onto it.

The result is that the lip, which stretches upwards, looks slightly larger. Definitely a more economical – and desperate – solution if you can’t afford botox for your lips.

Went viral

However, it should be said that you should only use eyelash glue, according to The Sun – and not the more common variants that you can find at the hardware store. Just stay away from that superglue on your dad’s toolbox.

Since Chloe’s clip went viral, many have jumped into this odd trend – and more and more videos of women trying out this strange trick have quickly populated Tiktok and Instagram.

Some of them seem happy with the result, others do it more for the laughs – check it out below!

My opinion is that everyone is beautiful as they are – and big lips are not necessary! This “trick” has been thoroughly tested so there is no need to jump in. But if you do, remember to use the proper tools!

What do you think about this new trend? Nice, or crazy?

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