Finally: The unique hot dog pizza is here – with sausage-filled crust

The first pizzeria in the USA, Lombardi’s, set a series of events in motion that would make pizza the classic it is today. 13% of Americans eat pizza on any given day.

As everyone knows, we can top a pizza with whatever we want, and some toppings have even started debates and arguments between pizza lovers. Banana (Curry Pizza) or pineapple (Hawaiian) pizza usually gets half of the party frowning, while the other half finds it delicious.

But now there’s a pizza that everyone can agree on – with sausages topping and filled crust, writes the site Delish.

The best thing about pizza is that you can choose any topping your heart desires. Tuna, pineapple, banana, chicken, beef or sausage – it’s all up to you. With sausages, you’d usually think of salami. But now people can get their pizza with normal hot dog sausages.

Hot dog pizza crust

Domino’s Pizza has released a new pizza called – just that – Hot Dog Pizza.

It comes in two variants: a baked Calzone filled with mozzarella, sliced hot dog, and yellow mustard; and a delicious pizza with sausage-style meat on top and hot dog sausage stuffing in the crust.

Besides sliced hot dog sausages, we find mozzarella and mustard on the pizza as well, according to Delish.

hot dog pizza
Image source: Facebook

A pizza and burger combination

However, Dominos didn’t stop there, and also unleashed a mix between a burger and a pizza. This fast food Frankenstein is composed of tomato sauce, mozzarella, beef meatballs, onions, pickles, tomatoes, and a bit of burger sauce.

It bears the completely-and-utterly unexpected name: The Burger Pizza.

However, these American-inspired products are only available in France at the moment. So maybe if you are planning a trip to Paris you can visit any Domino’s store and taste the American Dream, from Europe, so you don’t get homesick. Or just wait until it comes to the States.

What a dream for all hot dog, pizza and burger lovers! Now press SHARE so your friends can book their trip to Paris as well!